Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Will I Get Paid To Write For Tyra Banks? It's Possible!


One of the companies I work with, Demand Media, just struck a deal with Bankable Entertainment, which belongs to Tyra Banks. She's the Chairman and CEO of Bankable. From the press release here:

Together, Demand Media and Tyra Banks plan to launch a multi-platform digital presence embodying her unique philosophy of Beauty Inside & Out, closely supporting her core mission to expand the definition of beauty. The efforts will include the development of an interactive web property, an engaging online video series and unique mobile applications. Per the agreement, Tyra Banks will become a shareholder in Demand Media.

Could I be writing for Tyra Banks? Well, it depends.  Demand writers must demonstrate in their bios how they could contribute as health and beauty writers. Or they can pick more of the random Health and Beauty articles, write them and have them published to establish credibility.

Right now I don't have many. BUT, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I do have an independent contract with a company that sells hair weave products and instructional videos. I didn't know squat about those things until this contract. Now I'm full of weave and braiding knowledge! So if topics come up like "how to maintain cornrows", I can make an easy $15 and have it published on Tyra's site!

This just adds to the list of celebs and popular media related to Demand Media and freelance writing in general. is obviously connected with Lance Armstrong. USA Today also uses Demand Media for the Travel Tips articles. Bill Romanowski, a former NFL player, writes for Associated Content.

So if you bloggers and writers are wondering about the career credibility associated with freelance writing, there's the proof in the pudding! As always, my e-book (<--- over there) can help you get started. Or comment with questions. I'm here for you!

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