Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Freelance Writing Makes National News Again


Freelance Writing has made the national spotlight once again. CNBC recently posted a list of "Jobs you can do from the beach", and freelance writing made the list.


From the slideshow here:


The media industry has taken a hit in recent years, and budget cutbacks mean news organizations, book publishers and other media are using freelancers more now than ever, so they don’t have to pay for pricey benefits or the real estate of housing another body on site.


So, if you’re going freelance, why work in a cramped apartment in a big city when you can work at the beach, an idyllic setting that helps foster creativity and concentration?


Freelance writers and editors make $25 to $50 per hour, on average, according to Some companies may try to negotiate a per-project fee – the important thing there is to calculate how many hours you expect it will take, and ask whether the company is taking taxes out. If they don’t take taxes out, the IRS will get you at about a 50 percent rate, compared to the average 30 percent, so you’ll want to adjust your rate accordingly.


It’s obvious I’ve been a freelance writer for awhile and you can do it from the beach. In fact, you may get paid to write about being on the beach. I’ve had articles published about where to go in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, simply because I’ve lived and worked there for awhile! I’ve completed many assignments in my pajamas, at the park, in the mall…trust me. I’d rather make $30 an hour in those settings than doing retail for commissions during the holidays!


The tax statement is true, too. If you do independent contracts make sure you account for at least 30 percent of your earnings going back to taxes. I talked to a tax professional (Derek Atwell from Atwell and Helms) and for my book he contributed his ideas on how you can reduce your taxes as a freelance writer.  Derek lives in Charlotte, the banking capital of the U.S., so he has plenty of experience doing taxes for small businesses. You can find his tips in “The Business” section. One tip I have deals with claiming meals for restaurant reviews. Yes, you can legally do that and I’ve had plenty of meals to claim!


Take a look at my book and the free previews to see if freelance writing is for you. It’ll help you get a jump start to a satisfying part time or full time career!


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