Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Article Spinning, or 100 Ways to Say I Love You




Have you heard of article spinning? It's a slightly controversial method of getting articles published on the web. The act itself isn't the controversy; it's the methods and use that can make or break a client.


I've been a little busy working with private clients as of late. I'm taking on a new direction of exchanging my content producing services for a percentage of the profits instead of upfront payments. It's been a challenge but a worthy one so far.


Part of my work has included article spinning. Article spinning is taking one content-rich article, re-wording it, and then publishing it again. You have to rewrite it so that it does not appear as duplicate content- to the search engines, not the readers.

The benefit of this is that you can add the same backlink to your website as part of the article. As they get published, your website appears to have enough "juice" to push it closer to the search engine's first page, which generates traffic, which generates business.


Just think of it as word-of-mouth advertising. Tell one friend about a great business and the 100 things you like about it. He tells other friends and might re-word what you said a little or highlight different benefits, but he gets the business name right every time. And that guy tells two friends, and so forth.


What makes it controversial is that, as a writer, you really aren't saying anything new. You are just making different ways to say the same thing.


And some writers use programs to "spin" the content for you, allowing  you to reproduce at high rates.  They pull up your sentences line-by-line and automatically change specific words and phrases. If you don't spin it enough, it can come off as duplicate content, and the search engines will negate both entries.


This doesn't negate the ability to write or produce quality content. A well-written article is still the root of Article Spinning. There still have to be nice keyword use and attractive language that wants readers to engage and click the backlink.


But the subsequent articles will almost always be degraded versions. They may not read as well, but what if they are submitted to article directories just for the purpose of creating backlinks to the site where your original, high-quality article resides? The deciding factor, to me, is whether or not you put your byline next to the spun articles.


It's possible to spin articles manually using the same information yet still remain unique. That's where you as a writer can get paid well beyond the first article. Let's say you are hired to write for a Valentine's Day website that sells love trinkets and books. If your original article is " The Best Way To Say 'I Love You'", you can spin another to read "Top 10 Ways To Say 'I Love You'", "The Worst Ways To Say 'I Love You'", "Creative Ways To Say 'I Love You'", " Q and A Interview With Love Experts", or "What Does It Mean To Say 'I Love You'?


When I look on the writer’s hiring boards, potential clients are on the hunt for article spinners. If you think you can handle manual or automatic spinning techniques, give them a shot. Most of the better clients I find on Warrior Forum.


Happy spinning! Don’t get dizzy.



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