Friday, January 20, 2012

Suprising facts about Myspace

Figure 1 courtesy of Myspace
The rumor that Myspace is dead has been greatly exaggerated. Anyone who wants a career writing from home should give Myspace another look. It isn’t a booming site like it once was, but there’s still life in Myspace, if you have the right career field to explore it.
How do I know this?
I consulted some professional websites that rank site traffic for social networks like . Yes, Facebook still gets the most unique monthly visitors at 750,000,000. Twitter is next at 250,000,000. LinkedIn is third with 110,000,00. But would you believe that MySpace, coming in 4th, has a bigger presence than Google Plus right now? Yes, THAT Myspace. 70 million unique visitors compared to Google Plus’ 65 million.  It beats out big, bad Google, the most popular search engine on the web.
As a career professional who is starting a writing job from home, you know that understanding your populations’ demographics helps you target advertisement and exposure more efficiently.  A baker whose shop is in an elderly community would do well to have doors that open easily, big print menus and patient customer service representatives.  As such, taking a look at  MySpace’s demographics can help determine if this is where you want to build your next layer of web presence.
According to,  the 2011 demographics  meter indicated that half of Myspace’s population is between 13 and 24 years of age for both sexes.  More than 60 percent of that set is 18-24. A very small percentage of MySpace users– 3.7 - is over the age of 55. The rest fall between 25 and 34.
If you have a career or expertise in a field that might appeal to the 13-24 demographic, perhaps it’s time to make your Myspace presence known.  Take a peek at user profiles in your local or regional area and see what sparks their interests. What are they chatting about in the forums?  What can you offer advice on? Even if the non-working age users have limited funds, your name and expertise can still be of service to whomever is supporting them.
Most likely the older users joined Myspace to follow their favorite bands, which was the site’s original intent. Are you an expert at music-related products? Could you offer lessons? Myspace could be the place for you to start posting articles.
Justin Timberlake, the very popular singer/dancer/actor/entrepreneur, purchased a stake in Myspace last year.  On January 13th this year, he announced the launch of Myspace TV.
There’s still life in that social network. Get on board before anyone else does.

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